May 13, 2012

Human Growth and Development


Fibonacci numbers define key points in human aging

Fibonacci numbers mark key points in the human aging and development process, as illustrated in the following table, based on insights provided by Norman S. Rose, Ph.D. at his site at

Human Age

Development Stage

Key Attributes

0 Gestation Conception
1 Newborn Birth
1 Infant Walking, vocalizing
2 Toddler Talking, expressing, imitating
3 Toddler Self image and control, toilet training
5 Early child Formal education begins
8 Mid child Age of reason, knowing of right and wrong
13 Adolescent Thinking, puberty, sexual maturation and drive
21 Young adult Full physical growth, adult in society, education complete, beginning career, financial responsibility,  eligible for voting
34 Mid adult Refinement of adult skills, parenting role
55 Elder adult Fulfillment of adult skills, serving, retirement begins with eligibility for Medicare, Social Security and AARP
89 Completion Insight and wisdom into life


The Fibonacci series found in the human age numbers below relate to both Phi (the golden ratio) and the Fibonacci and Golden Spirals.

See additional information on this topic in Dr. Rose’s publication:


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