Golden Ratios in Energy Radiation and Vibrations

Unusual signals at Phi Hertz are being received on Earth.

ELFRAD (Extremely Low Frequency Research And Development), a self-funded research organization which tracks radiation on Earth through an array of antennas, has found an extremely low frequency signal at phi, or 1.618033 Hertz, or cycles per second.  Their site says the following:

“This chart indicates the detection of signal bursts with a frequency of 1.618033 hertz. This frequency, sometimes called the Golden Ratio. These signals appear with no clear relationship with any known source. They are not related to solar anomalies or any known weather pattern. They do vary in amplitude or intensity and are irregular with their timing. We will continue to monitor this frequency and will display the result. These signals have been detected on a global scale and are of extreme interest.”

ELFRAD graph of space radiation occurring at Phi Hertz, 1.618, the golden ratio

The ELRAD site continues:

“The universe is composed of an infinite number of frequencies. Some macroscopically large and some microscopically small. All exist in uncountable phase relationships with one another.  The colors of light, the sound of music, the smell of flowers, the touch of velvet, all are made of combined frequencies. Some are in phase and adding to, some are out of phase and cancel from, a multitude of vibrations.  Our five senses are capable of interpreting these particular waves and making them tangible to our perception.  Acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic signals, both natural and artificial, surround us and are a part of our environment. The source of these signals, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, and their content is of extreme interest to our research.”

While certainly of interest, it must be kept in mind that “seconds” are a manmade measure, so even 1.618 cycles per second is not completely in the realm of nature.  As phi is first and foremost a relationship of proportion, receiving two unusual waves whose cycles are in phi proportion would be of greater interest yet.


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