The Golden Section in Nature: Animals

There are many examples of the Golden Section or Divine Proportion in nature.

Below are just a few:

The eye, fins and tail all fall at golden sections of the length of a dolphin’s body. The dimensions of the dorsal fin are golden sections (yellow and green). The thickness of the dolphin’s tail section corresponds to same golden section of the line from head to tail.

Phi, golden ratio or Divine proportions in a Dolphin

The eye-like markings of this moth fall at golden sections of the lines that mark its width and length.   

Phi, golden ratio or Divine proportions in a Moth

The spiral growth of sea shells provide a simple, but beautiful, example.

Phi, golden ratio or Divine proportions in a Sea Shell

Every key body feature of the angel fish falls at golden sections of its width and length. The nose, tail section, and centers of the fins of the angel fish fall at first (blue) golden sections. The second golden section (yellow) defines the indents on the dorsal and tail finds as well as the top of the body. The green section defines the marking around the eye and the magenta section defines the eye.


The eyes, beak, wing and key body markings of the penguin all fall at golden sections of its height.

Phi, golden ratio or Divine droportions in a Penguin

All the key facial features of the tiger fall at golden sections of the lines defining the length and width of its face.

Phi, golden ratio or Divine proportions in a tiger's face

The body sections of an ant are defined by the golden sections of its length. Its leg sections are also golden sections of its length. 

ant body showing golden proportions
The facial features of a koala bear show golden ratio proportions in the dimensions and positions of the eyes, nose and mouth in relation to the dimensions of the face.

Koala bear golden ratio


    • Psychology student says

      Yes, very creative, and when you said nature, surely you mean an intelligent designer? Nature is not alive is it?

      I like the term creative researcher though :)

        • says

          This logic is faulty, as not everything in nature is alive. Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen and other elements on the periodic table are not alive, nor are many things composed of them, e.g., diamonds, rocks, various inorganic compounds, etc. Only living organisms are alive, so if the building blocks of life are not in themselves alive, “creative” or intelligent, it still leaves us with the question of how life originated from them.

  1. Peter says

    Okay, I have been looking into this for a few days now, and I have some issues. I want to believe this, but it looks like you are choosing the points within animals and plants in an arbitrary way. For example, with the penguin, why are those particular points chosen? Is it because they match with the ratio? Also, the human, the point between the legs, and then the point in the midsection, I am not sure what significance these points have from a visual standpoint that they would be chosen, other than the fact that they correlate to the golden ratio.

    Am I missing something? I was initially excited about this, but I am starting to get sceptical.

  2. jasmine says

    I dont get it… you just picked specific points of the animal and specific animals why cant you just choose a bunch of flowers and see what they get? if you may post it to me please, thanks for reading this its very appreciated from everyone hope you have a nice day!

    • just another hyooman says

      No he used a computer to measure accurately that the proportion is always 1 : 1.618… and each line on the penguins and all these animals is pointing at major points on the animal usually critical points on or emanating from the spinal column. Yes it all makes sense and you can use backwards logic on it saying “we’ll that makes sense there, just nature taking its course. But other people try to apply intuition and make connections (or perhaps imagine or create, creation being the “essence of god” no other animals have to near our degree). When you look at all the connectedness and try to understand why the golden ratio seems to be the generation of life and perhaps all movement. Personally what really convinces me is our solar systems weird as hell distance ratios, I would like to research whether other solar systems have anything close to it. The fact that its in the bible all over and in other religions like muslims and jews, who have pretty much the same story as Christians just with different final prophets, definitely raises some questions. Me being only accepting of logic, I can see how this could possibly be a human obsession with this nature observed constant phi, especially because of how much it affects us vs other animals, but that wouldn’t make weird ratios in our solar system, or account for the massive amount of other weird stuff. Praise God in heaven, I am nothing!

  3. Fraser says

    Hi Gary,
    Would just like to express my appreciation for this site and your kind responses to the questions. I am an artist and have been focusing on my composition and this site has really helped me get a grasp on multiple aspects at once.
    The diagrams , breakdown and comments section are top notch.
    I am inspired to find other parallels to this system such as cooking, or martial arts(?)

  4. Michele says

    Can you speak to how this relates to music?

    Thank you,

    BTW, I am hearing music…and no I don’t have any mental health issues.

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